Zigzags sentence examples

  • When an engineer has to construct a railway up a hill having a still steeper slope, he must secure practicable gradients by laying out the line in ascending spirals, if necessary tunnelling into the hill, as on the St Gothard railway, or in a series of zigzags, or he must resort to a rack or a cable railway.

  • By the application of a pointed iron hook, while the glass is still ductile, the parallel coils can be distorted into bends, loops or zigzags.

  • Threads of coloured molten glass were spirally coiled round the body, and, whilst still viscid, were dragged into zigzags with a metal hook.

  • The system of decorating vases and vessels by means of strands of glass trailed upon the surface in knots, zigzags and trellis work, was adopted by the Moors and is characteristic of Roman craftsmanship. Glassmaking was continued at Pinar de la Vidriera and at Al Castril de la Pena into the 17th century.

  • This paved road is easily recognized as it zigzags up the hill, with treasuries and the bases of various offerings facing it on both sides.

  • There are several narrow paths and stairs that cut off the zigzags of the Sacred Way.

  • The mule path descends on the south side of the pass by an extraordinary series of zigzags, made accessible for mules (though no rider is now allowed to descend on mule-back) by a band of Tirolese workmen in 1740-1741.

  • When the peneplain was uplifted the weaker strata were worn down almost to a lowland of a second generation, while the resistant sandstones, of which there a1~- three chief members, retained a great part of their new-gained altitude in the form of long, narrow, even-crested ridges, well deserving of the name of Endless Motintains given them by the Indians, but here and there bending sharply in peculiar zigzags which give this Alleghany section of the mountains an unusual individuality.

  • On the other side the road avoids the old path through the dreaded Cardinello gorge (here passed Macdonald's army in December, 1800) in order to descend by zigzags to Pianazzo.

  • The ornamentation consists of dots, zigzags, chevrons or crosses.

  • Cars are still parking on the yellow zigzags to let kids out.

  • The third section is intimidating on approach, a path zigzags through the crag avoiding much of the trouble.

  • Let the chocolate harden, and pipe on zigzags and other patterns with pastel shades of royal icing.

  • Unusual stripes such as horizontal color or zigzags.

  • The Zigzag: This bikini, available in a micro or hipster, features a rainbow of zigzags against a solid background.

  • side of the same sea it zigzags from the Black Sea to the Caspian, utilizing the river Aras (Araxes) for part of the distance.

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