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yorkie Sentence Examples

  • The Yorkie has as very silky, long coat that parts at the spine and grows down either side of the dog.

  • Yorkie bar talks in his sleep.

  • The Yorkie has as very silky, long coat that parts at the spine and grows down either side of the dog.

  • Every night the yorkie bar talks in his sleep.

  • I told her about my one Yorkie that for the last seven years has had to live on ½ a valium a day because nothing else had worked!

  • Yes, 2006 marked the "Year of the Yorkie," as the tiny Yorkshire Terrier overtook the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Dog in registration statistics to become the second most popular dog in the nation.

  • The recent rise of the Yorkie proves that many modern dog owners prefer a portable, pint-sized pet that fits their modern, fast-paced lifestyle.

  • Some of the biggest movers include the Yorkie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, French Bulldogs and Brussels Griffon.

  • Who knows, maybe next year the Yorkie will scamper up to the very top of the list and dethrone the Lab!

  • You can choose to let the hair grow and tie it in a top-knot on the head, or keep your Yorkie trimmed in a shorter "puppy cut".

  • I have a lot of different sizes of ribbons that I use for my Yorkie Cappy's topknot, especially if we are going somewhere special.

  • Probably on every list of small dog breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, is a popular choice amongst those looking for a small dog.

  • This breed stands only about eight inches high and weighs no more than seven pounds.The Yorkie is highly intelligent with a high energy level.

  • Since the Maltese's structure is so similar to a Yorkshire Terrier, with the exception of the longer tail, you can follow the detailed trimming instructions for how to groom a Yorkie.

  • Yorkshire Terrier: Affectionately known as the "Yorkie," this dog is another little barker that will alert you to the presence of intruders in your home.

  • I tote around my Yorkie, Cooper, everywhere with me.

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