Word-processors sentence examples

  • Files produced by word processors use non alphanumeric characters to indicate formatting information such as the size and shape of text.

  • This is the same way most word processors work.

  • They may also be viewable using some other word processors.

  • In some cases, free word processors do not allow formatting that is WYSIWYG or "what you see is what you get" that most writers will be familiar with.

  • While the program is relatively basic, it is one of the free ones that most resembles well-known word processors such as Pages for the Mac and Microsoft Word.

  • Teens should also be developing their computer skills further by learning non-game applications such as word processors and spreadsheets and possibly learning computer programming skills as well.

  • In the beginning, arcades and the Atari 2600 were for video games and personal computers were for word processors and other "real world" applications.

  • While their products eventually grew to encompass everything from word processors to musical keyboards, they began their expansion with watches.

  • Some schools may also choose to use small word processors that operate on batteries; these are smaller, and the students are able to carry them from class to class to take notes and write answers to tests.

  • Integrates tightly with Microsoft Office but is not compatible with non-Microsoft word processors and spreadsheets.

  • For example, most word processors contain fonts such as "WingDings" or "Dingbats" which contain symbols such as hearts, arrows, and curlicues.

  • Some people are aware that most word-processors like Microsoft Word include HTML code generating capabilities.

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