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wong Sentence Examples

  • Alan wong 's restaurant break just beyond.

  • allegecitors wrote to Mr Wong alleging negligence on his part on 18 December 2004.

  • Dr. Wong presented his research at the conference in a lecture entitled Pharmacy Practice: Improving Medicine Use in Children.

  • Sum Ting Wong 2) Are you harboring a fugitive?

  • To capture the blind mourner 's introspective point-of-view visually, Wong employs a number of cinematic techniques.

  • Solicitors wrote to Mr Wong alleging negligence on his part on 18 December 2004.

  • She was replaced by Tally Wong when she got pregnant.

  • Tally Wong - Voiced by herself, Tally Wong took over for a pregnant Debbie Matenopoulos as the show's interviewer in 2006.

  • At the west end of the Walk, there is a silver gazebo with statues of four actresses: Dolores Del Rio, Dorothy Dandridge, Mae West, and Anna May Wong.

  • Throughout the years, there have been upwards of twelve former band members such as Ben Guzman, Grant Barry, Carlos de Garza and Matt Wong.

  • Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4 is sexy and a bad-ass.

  • Ada Wong is of Asian descent and is very strong-willed secret agent.

  • And like Ada Wong, Rayne likes her high heels.

  • Wong of the University of Michigan, published in 2004 in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, cautions parents to pay more attention to their children's sleep habits.

  • "Sleep problems are a risk factor for alcohol and drug problems," Wong concluded from data obtained in the first study to link alcohol and drug use with sleep disorders in early childhood.

  • Well known author, speaker and feng shui expert, Angi Ma Wong, has written numerous books including eleven on the topic of feng shui.

  • The following feng shui tool kits by Angi Ma Wong are available from Pacific Heritage Books.

  • Angi Ma Wong's Feng Shui Room-by-Room Home Design Kits includes everything you need to design your home following the principles of feng shui.

  • Look for labels like Sue Wong, Ralph Lauren and Nicole Miller.

  • In My Mind: The World Through the Eyes of Autism by Adonya Wong: This children's book describes how an autistic child sees the world explained in a way to help children understand autism.

  • Produced by Glen Morgan and James Wong, who had a loyal fanbase for their episodes of The X-Files, the show never developed a large following, but achieved niche cult status.

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