Withal sentence examples

  • Withal there was no noise or confusion to mar the tranquillity of their intercourse; no one usurped more than his share of the conversation; the stillness of the place oppressed a stranger with a feeling of mysterious awe.

  • There was withal a moral elevation in his spiritual philosophy which came home to the hearts of his hearers, and seemed to afford a ground for higher development in national literature and art, and even in politics, than the traditional philosophy of France had appeared capable of yielding.

  • Chandragupta himself is described as living in barbaric splendour, appearing in public only to hear causes, offer sacrifice, or to go on military and hunting expeditions, and withal so fearful of assassination that he never slept two nights running in the same room.

  • There are the neat and elegant animals, like the descendants of Saunterer and Sweetmeat; the large-framed, plain-looking, and heavy-headed Melbournes, often with lop ears; the descendants of Birdcatcher, full of quality, and of more than average stature, though sometimes disfigured with curby hocks; and the medium-sized but withal speedy descendants of Touchstone, though in some cases characterized by somewhat loaded shoulders.

  • Giambattista della Porta, in his Magia Naturalis, printed in 558, makes the following remarkable statement: "If you do but know how to join the two (viz.,'the concave and the convex glasses) rightly together, you will see both remote and near objects larger than they otherwise appear, and withal very distinct."

  • With their immense size and weight-1800 lb to 2200 lb - the Shires combine great strength, and they are withal docile and intelligent.

  • It is remarkable withal that this rumour circulated, not in Horns (Emesa), where Abdarrahman died, but in Medina.

  • He Was Distinctly A Bon Vivant, But Withal An Upright, Conscientious And Capable Minister.

  • "And when they eat, they take the fat of the meat and grease the god's mouth withal, as well as the mouths of his wife and children."

  • In 1640 the Generar Court of Massachusetts declared that the representatives of Aquidneck were " not to be capitulated withal either for themselves or the people of the isle where they inhabit," and in 1644 and again in 1648 the application of the Narragansett settlers for admission to the New England Confederacy was refused except on condition that they should pass under the jurisdiction of either Massachusetts or Plymouth.

  • (10) If any company, upon the review of the book so sent, doubt or differ upon any place, to send them word thereof, note the place, and withal send the reasons; to which if they consent not, the difference to be compounded at the general meeting, which is to be of the chief persons of each company at the end of the work.

  • Aged beyond knowing, powerful beyond reckoning, yet withal, human and approachable.

  • For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again " .

  • No one will ever give us such papers again, so full, so accurate, so racy, and withal so genial.

  • In this retreat he probably wrote his eclogues, but in 1520 "Maistre Barkleye, the Blacke Monke and Poete" was desired to devise "histoires and convenient raisons to florisshe the buildings and banquet house withal" at the meeting between Henry VIII.

  • "Such things as are reported either before or at the foundation of the city, more beautiful and set out with poets' fables than grounded upon pure and faithful records, I mean neither to aver nor disprove" (Praef); and of the whole history previous to the sack of Rome by the Gauls (390 B.C.) he writes that it was obscure "both in regard of exceeding antiquity, and also for that in those days there were very few writings and monuments, the only faithful safeguard and true remembrancers of deeds past; and, besides, whatsoever was registered in the commentaries of the priests and in other public or private records, the same for the most part, when the city was burned, perished withal."

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