Wiggled sentence examples

  • She wiggled her toes.

  • The tiny pink nose wiggled and the pink eyes regarded Destiny suspiciously.

  • He wiggled his eyebrows and grinned.

  • Betty had murmured something about jogging, kissed him on the nose, wiggled on her meager duds and left the tent, with the flap open just enough to admit the predawn chill and a red glow that would soon be sunrise.

  • Deidre appeared frustrated and wiggled again.

  • Carmen wiggled out of her coat and hung it on the rack.

  • Her memories wiggled their way out of the mud of her mind, and she sat upright.

  • He wiggled out of his shirt and placed it over the boy's lifeless face and sat down to wait.

  • Dorothy thought he just wiggled one of his drooping ears, but that was all.

  • Rachel wiggled her brows.

  • Destiny's little fingers wiggled on Carmen's ribs and she laughed.

  • Destiny wiggled in Felipa's arms and pointed, declaring in a loud voice.

  • He watched as the tiny hands wiggled on the monitor, and even moved closer to examine the fetus.

  • She wiggled her bottom and got a low wolf whistle, which was enough to be getting on with for now.

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