White book sentence examples

white book
  • 2, Liber Custumarum (1859); Liber Albus: the White Book of the City of London, translated by T.

  • The Tell story and the "atrocities" story are first found combined in a MS. known as the White Book of Sarnen.

  • The two stories are now firmly bound together; the version contained in the White Book is the accepted one, though small additions in names and dates are often made.

  • A few days later (November 18) the Tell incident takes place (described according to the White Book version), and on the appointed date the general rising.

  • In particular, while in his first draft he speaks of the bailiff as Gryssler - the usual name up to his time, except in the White Book and in Stumpff's Chronicle of 1548 - in his final recension he calls him Gessler, knowing that this was a real name.

  • ii., 1847), first cleared up the real early history of the league, and overthrew the legends of the White Book and Tschudi.

  • She is also the author of the Review of the Civil Administration of Mesopotamia, issued as a White Book by the India Office, Dec. 1920.

  • In the archives is preserved the famous MS. known from the colour of its binding as the White Book of Sarnen, which contains one of the earliest known versions of the Tell legend (see TELL).

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