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wearability Sentence Examples

  • Everyday wearability: The colors baby pink and sugar will work great for everyday wear.

  • Lee also caters to men's needs for style, wearability and comfort by providing a full range of jeans, jackets and pants to choose from.

  • Choose a quality leather if the budget allows for long term wearability.

  • One the reasons why leggings are a highly practical piece is because they can increase the wearability of certain items in your daughter's closet.

  • A second consideration before you max out your Visa on a toddler's ball gown involves the length of wearability.

  • If you're purchasing a tuxedo, it's always best to stick with a classic black suit for the most wearability.

  • Using layers is a great way to extend the wearability of summer tops-now you can wear your tube top throughout the spring as well as summer.

  • However, for those with longer and wider feet, plus size socks are a must for comfort and wearability.

  • Look for styles that have short or cap sleeves or opt for sleeveless designs for warm weather wearability.

  • These lenses are meant to offer maximum comfort and wearability.

  • The high quality of materials and construction used to make each pair of their prescription sunglasses ensures great wearability and durability.

  • The glass is processed in seven steps to embed the special features into the lens matrix, providing lifelong wearability.

  • Twists and upos are classic in design and wearability.

  • A vivid color paired with this cut plays up the wearability and trendiness of the look.

  • When you pair a traditional bob with layers, you get even more versatility and wearability from the cut.

  • A hair powder may extend the wearability of your style one whole extra day, so consider them a priority if you love your length but moan at the thought of frequent blowdry styling.

  • Bobs appeal to many for their ease and ultra-flattering wearability.

  • When looking for little girls' swimwear, you want to balance fashion with wearability and price.

  • When choosing little girls' swimwear, you want to consider price, the age of the child, the wearability of the swimsuit and how cute the suit looks.

  • They look adorable, but when it comes to wearability, they lack practicality.

  • What distinguishes a simple summer dress is its wearability and practicality.

  • Adrienne Vittadini has always sought to present her fashions in a "Euro-American" light, attempting to bridge the colors and vibrancy of European fashion into the practicality and wearability of modern American fashions.

  • Naturalizer shoes span styles of wearability with their inclusion of boots and sandals within their footwear merchandise.

  • Being that the majority of consumers are concerned with the wearability factor of their footwear, who can complain about soft stretchy Brazilian leather?

  • However, if you are concerned with your child's comfort and the wearability of the shoes, do not skimp when it comes to quality.

  • Both casual and dress shoes that bear the company's signature are designed for comfortable movement and wearability.

  • In addition to its attractive outside, it still has the wearability and function that Umbro is known for.

  • However, what AmeriMark lacks it style and flair they make up for in function, sizing and wearability.

  • If you're intrigued by the wear and hype of OPI's newest gel nail polishes, why not book an appointment at your local nail salon and test drive the wearability of the product yourself?

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