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wav Sentence Examples

  • If you play back a wav file recorded using the headpiece does it sound OK?

  • reverberate driver loaded, you will get non-stop reverberating wav sound in Windows 95.

  • With this driver loaded, you will get non-stop reverberating wav sound in Windows 95.

  • The WAV file is then added and the starting points are synchronized with the video, using NLE software.

  • First, you need to find an MP3 or WAV version of the theme.

  • The World Wide Web is home to plethora of software to help you convert your MP3 files to Wav files, and back again, so you can get the most out of your music collection.

  • WAV files are as close to heady heights of CD digital quality as you can get - in fact, WAV files are comparable to the CDDA files used in professional recordings - so, if you want to burn a CD, you want to save the tracks as WAV files.

  • The problem with WAV files is that they are extremely large - sometimes they can be up to 2 GB.

  • MP3 files compress the size of the WAV files by around 10 times while still maintaining most of the audio integrity.

  • This site is actually a database of many of the MP3 to Wav conversion software out there, so you can shop around and compare features and prices.

  • MP3 & WAV Converters converts MP3 to WAV/WAV to MP3 digitally, not running through the computer soundcard, which they claim offers the best file quality.

  • Of course, MP3 and WAV are not the only audio file extension out there - you may run across WMA, OGG, VQA, and many more, depending on your operating system.

  • To convert other types of files to MP3 or WAV, try Switch, which has versions for both Windows and Macs.

  • Free Downloads Center - has a comparison chart for many of the most popular MP3 to WAV converters.

  • You can specify which file extension you after, be it MP3, WAV, WMA, or more, and then search by artists or title.

  • The PSP will only play certain types of audio files, including music in MP3, MP4, ATRAC3Plus, WMA and WAV formats.

  • If you have the most recent PSP firmware version, you'll likely be able to enjoy a wide range of file formats including WMA, ATRAC3Plus, MP3, and WAV.

  • If you prefer MIDI or WAV format, there are sound effects on this site as well.

  • In Windows, on most operating systems you can download any of the Star Trek WAV files into the C:\Windows\Media folder.

  • Media College offers a list of WAV files from The Original Series, The Next Generation and Voyager.

  • There are certain sounds from the various Star Trek TV series and movies that fans around the world are able to instantly recognize, which is why Star Trek WAV sound files are so popular.

  • The first is whether you want a Star Trek WAV sound file versus a Star Trek MP3 sound file.

  • This article will outline those differences, list some of the most popular Star Trek sound effects that fans like to download, and some resources where you too can download your own Star Trek WAV sounds.

  • The Waveform format, more commonly called WAV, is an uncompressed version of recorded sounds.

  • This is why Trek fans prefer WAV sound files - despite the large file size, these sounds are a much better representation of the original effects in the shows and the movies.

  • While it's possible to find a very long list of free WAV files on the Internet for Trek sounds, there are certain sound effects that are extremely popular among Trekkie fans.

  • Star Trek WAV Files is a section of a private fan's website where you'll find a certain niche collection of quotes from a few specific characters.

  • WaveSource is a popular destination for people who are looking for WAV files.

  • In the Trek category you'll find a listing of mostly WAV audio quotes from both the television series as well as the movies.

  • EBondi also offers free private-use download of a number of Star Wars sounds and music files of both MP3 and WAV formats.

  • Sound Files - There are many different file types - WAV, MP4, AIF, AAC - but by far the most common for podcasts is the MP3 files.

  • For example, if you embed a "midi" file or a "wav" file, the user's browser will attempt to launch the plug-in that is configured on that computer to play that file type.

  • The most common web page sound files include midi, wav and more recently mp3 files.

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