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Wash-and-wear sentence examples

  • The sisters also established a Night Camp where slum children could wash and wear clean nightclothes.

  • Even though it is a passing trend, you'll want to by quality sheets that will wash and wear well without pilling.

  • The shirts are made of 100 percent cotton, which means easy wash-and-wear care for busy grownups.

  • Easy care: This is not a fussy garment and men want to be able to wash and wear it with minimal care.

  • Although you will have to visit the hair salon every six to eight weeks to keep your cut looking fresh, other than that, this is the ideal wash and wear cut.

  • While many short styles are easy wash-and-wear looks, they do require more frequent trims to be kept looking their best.

  • Trendy summer hair cuts don't have to be high maintenance, so go laid back with a wash and wear shag rather than an overly-coifed style.

  • Even a little bit of weight on a shorter style can make the difference between wash and wear and a true hair emergency.

  • Hair is also long enough to be pinned up and away from the face when you want to wear it back and can be wash and wear by just applying hair gel or mousse to wet curls and letting air dry.

  • Buzz cuts and crew cuts can be strictly wash and wear for the game, and can be spiked up with a little bit of styling wax or gel off the field.

  • Ease: Most of these shirts are completely wash and wear.

  • Your local fabric store will have plenty of items from which to choose, and the assistants will be happy to advise you as to what will wash and wear best.

  • Since cotton is relatively easy to care for and is generally fairly wash-and-wear, you don't have to worry about saving a sweater dress made from cotton for a special occasion like you might with an angora sweater dress.

  • A black jersey cocktail dress is a great way to sneak some wash-and-wear ease into your lifestyle.

  • Leather lingerie is definitely not wash and wear.

  • Everything you buy should be wash and wear with no ironing necessary.

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