Walk-off sentence examples

  • Completed route and Walk Off then got benighted trying to find way down to Base.

  • I decide to walk off my meal with a stroll around the marble hallways that edge the Pool of Nectar.

  • After dinner, stroll through the neighborhood to walk off your meal and enjoy the local color.

  • This makes a personalized guitar pick that your fellow musicians will never mistake as their own and try to walk off with it.

  • Put walk-off mats at the doors leading into your house to trap small stones and grit from shoes and feet.

  • Compounding the problems, the late actor Robert Shaw was on a very tight schedule due to US income tax reasons and threatened to walk off the set several times.

  • Buying from a local shop has the advantage of being able to view the monitor in a controlled environment before you walk off with it.

  • Instead, determine just how much exercise you need to do to walk off that chocolate-covered donut.

  • It was in her mind to tell Claudette to take a long walk off a short pier, but a cool voice interrupted them at that moment.

  • I saw a painting I may walk off with.

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