Visual aid sentence examples

  • Once your chart is completed, you have an easy visual aid to help you consider your options and make the wisest choice for your money.

  • While kids are normally able to follow along with a visual aid when watching TV or a movie, listening to an audio book isolates the sense of hearing and encourages kids to focus concentration and really listen to what's being read.

  • The outer areas, or edges, act as a visual aid for what's going on in the middle.

  • The photos will help refresh your memory and serve as a helpful visual aid for the florist, decorator, or wedding planner.

  • You'll find picture tutorials that give you a visual aid to rely on in addition to the text.

  • This visual aid will give the children an opportunity to take responsibility for the actions and get rewarded for their positive behavior.

  • If you're still confused about how to remove links from a watch band, consider using one of the videos below as a visual aid.

  • The pyramid helps by providing a visual aid dieters can use to determine which foods to select.

  • Every Monday morning before breakfast, note the weight and use the track record as a visual aid to fight temptation.

  • Using a background image is a simple and effective visual aid for presenting your material.

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