Victuals Sentence Examples

  • Twenty-four hours of victuals and twenty-four hours of hunger will be many more hours than we shall need.

  • They granted only half the subsidies asked from them, pleading that three summers more of such taxation as the cardinal demanded for his master would leave the realm drained of its last penny, and reduced to f all back on primitive forms of barter, clothes for victuals and bread for cheese, out of mere want of coin.

  • The tolls claimed by the hospital on all victuals bought for sale in Chester were particularly resented by the tenants of the abbey.

  • In 1548 he took the degree of master of arts; but in the same year he found it necessary to leave England on account of the suspicions entertained of his being a conjurer; these were first excited by a piece of machinery, which, in the Pax of Aristophanes, he exhibited to the university, representing the scarabaeus flying up to Jupiter, with a man and a basket of victuals on its back.

  • The most petty limitations of Jewish commercial activity continued; thus at about this period the community of Prague, in a petition, " complain that they are not permitted to buy victuals in the market before a certain hour, vegetables not before 9 and cattle not before II o'clock; to buy fish is sometimes altogether prohibited; Jewish druggists are not permitted to buy victuals at the same time with Christians " (op. cit.).

  • But the value of the protectorate depends upon the carrying trade with Harrar and the supplying of victuals and coals to French warships.

  • Cato ate and drank the same coarse victuals as his slaves, and even had the children suckled by his wife, that they might imbibe a fondness for the family.