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vicki Sentence Examples

  • The World of Vicki Fox A nice site by Michael Russell with superb cartoon artwork from Laura Howell.

  • Nikki Lennox (Vicki Mathios) One of the teenage delinquents sent on a day scheme to Wentworth to " scare them straight " .

  • In 1987 Vicki rescued the donkey ' Blackie ' from death in a fiesta in Spain.

  • The driving force behind them is their human dynamo of a Mom, Vicki!

  • assistant manageress Vicki Robinson said: " Everyone seemed to have a thoroughly enjoyable time.

  • Vicki Tariq reports on the formal use of peer tutors in the problem-solving and numeracy component of a first-year microbiology.

  • Vicki Tariq reports on the formal use of peer tutors in the problem-solving and numeracy component of a first-year microbiology.

  • It didn't work for Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki, it didn't work for Nick and Jessica, and it didn't work for Carmen and Dave.

  • Recently LoveToKnow had the opportunity to talk with Vicki Koenig, registered nutritionist and dietitian for Stonyfield Farm, about encouraging children to eat organically by creating a menu from local, organic ingredients.

  • LoveToKnow would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to Vicki for making it a little easier to understand how to create a menu that kids will love.

  • Peters, Vicki, et al. "Missed Opportunities for Perinatal HIV Prevention Among HIV-exposed Infants Born 1996-2000, Pediatric Spectrum of HIV Disease Cohort."

  • Vicki Iovine's The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy makes a great gift for pregnant women who need a humorous and candid guide to the changes that are happening as they await the birth of their child.

  • According to Dr. Vicki Panaccione, diagnosing ADHD involves much more than making a snap judgment.

  • Anne Heche had the unenviable job of following up the uber-popular Ellen Wheeler in the dual roles of Marley and Vicki Love on Another World.

  • Vicki, after many abortive attempts at love, found happiness with Ryan and after Marley and Jake divorced for the final time, he pursued Paulina.

  • Vicki Donovan is recovering from Damon's attack while Stefan tries to cover his brother's tracks.

  • Lost Girls - Vicki becomes another pawn in the game of chess between the brothers while Elena struggles to understand what can't be possible.

  • In his short time back in Mystic Falls, Damon killed Vicki Donovan (turning her into a vampire that Stefan had to stake later), Coach Tanner, Bree, Lexi and many other unnamed victims.

  • It's the song that played while Damon slaughters Vicki and her friends in the cemetery and it's the song that cut off when Stefan opened the door to Elena who has figured out what he is.

  • Jason Walker's Down played softly behind Stefan's revelation to Elena that Vicki had fed, turning her fully into a vampire.

  • Haunted is the end of Vicki's tale as her lust for blood drives her to attack Jeremy and later Elena.

  • All You Wanted by Sounds Under Radio is a soft, sad, but beautiful song that scores the last act of the episode when Caroline and Sheriff Forbes reveal to Matt and his mother that they have found Vicki Donovan's body.

  • The death of Vicki, although it occurred much earlier in the season, was given greater depth as her loss affected Matt, Jeremy and Tyler.

  • Haunted - In the series seventh episode, storylines collide as Damon and Stefan must work together to deal with Vicki Donovan's turn and the danger she poses Elena and Mystic Falls.

  • With so many bodies dropping week to week, Vicki's death had a profound impact on the series regulars.

  • Determined to prevent another Vicki, Damon decided to stake her, but Elena and Stefan stopped him.

  • If you're shopping online, a good place to start is Vicki's Nylons, which will also do custom designs if you have a vintage piece you'd like remade.

  • Vicki's Nylons: Here, you'll find satin torpedo bras and a bra size calculator.

  • Vicki's Nylons is another shop online that celebrates the beauty and function of retro lingerie.

  • In particular she feuded with Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney, who frequently insinuated that Gretchen was only with Jeff for his money and that she didn’t do anything but live off her wealthy boyfriend.

  • Bloggers such as Vicki Berry have helped to explain the various business models to let people pick out the most effective ones for their own business.

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