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user generated

user generated Sentence Examples

  • Online places such as eBay and have a healthy supply of older iPods because the product inventory is user generated.

  • Rather than using a single metric, OKC allows you to use any user-generated poll to determine who is match and who isn't.

  • Wikipedia: Often maligned for its free, user-generated content, science hounds need not hesitate to begin their search for a science encyclopedia online at the world's most famous online encyclopedia.

  • Since the site doesn't organize their tabs by genre, the easiest way to find holiday music is to search through the user-generated play lists.

  • Use your own discretion about adding user-generated tabs to your personal collection.

  • Mostly all of the content is user-generated, so expect to find a few mistakes or errors here and there.

  • Many resources are made up of user-generated databases, which subscribe to the idea that several heads are better than one.

  • If you get your information from a user-generated database, be sure that the source has been noted.

  • High Def Forum is a great way to get reviews for HD DVD movies because it is a user generated forum.

  • This Toyota Prius User's Guide was compiled by a group of Prius owners and includes practical information about the vehicle's systems, tips for driving a hybrid car, and other user-generated information.

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