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usenet Sentence Examples

  • Google Groups Searchable archive of more than 700 million Usenet postings from a period of more than 20 years.

  • defamatory postings to usenet.

  • erroneous impressions held by many Usenet users.

  • Sources used include gopher, USENET News, the World Wide Web and various listserves.

  • Finding a specific bit of information in Usenet was an equally horrific task.

  • Subject: Understanding the Usenet newsgroup hierarchies Usenet newsgroup hierarchies Usenet newsgroups are arranged in a hierarchical structure.

  • Posts Email messages sent to a mailing list or Usenet newsgroup to be read by subscribers or others on the Internet.

  • Many browsers include a built-in newsreader that provides access to Usenet newsgroups.

  • The entire incident was discussed on a minute-by-minute basis in a community of astonished Usenet posters, with interventions by media and police.

  • - is a free online resource compiled from years of Usenet faq sources.

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