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usc Sentence Examples

  • Brad Leong is a film major at USC and the director of Palo Alto.

  • He's an avid sports fan and a close friend of USC's star quarterback, Matt Leinart.

  • He works as Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Keck USC School of Medicine.

  • Signature series includes the USC Trojans Flak Jacket XLJ.

  • The language itself employed the use of Dr. Paul Frommer, a linguist from USC.

  • Spielberg and Lucas have really endowed USC (University of Southern California) and school encourages double majors so that will be really exciting for him.

  • The USC Cheerleaders are a world famous spirit squad rooting for their favorite team: the University of Southern California.

  • The cheerleaders of USC are actually comprised of two separate squads: the Song Girls and the Spirit Squad.

  • The USC Cheerleaders actually require a substantial amount of people in the background working together to promote USC spirit and to represent the University.

  • To be on any part of the USC Cheerleaders' squad is an opportunity to be a visible part of the heritage of the school.

  • When people think of USC Cheerleaders, they are generally thinking of the USC Song Leaders, an elite dance squad that works closely with the marching band to perform during USC football games.

  • USC Song Leaders are the most visible part of the USC Cheerleaders' spirit team.

  • Being a USC Song Girl requires a substantial time commitment.

  • The USC Song Girls have sponsors (this equates to getting free stuff), they meet famous people, and they also get exposure on a national stage.

  • The USC Spirit Leaders are the newest tradition on the USC spirit squad.

  • Traveler, a white horse that is ridden by a fully decked out Trojan warrior at all home games, has been a part of USC tradition since 1961.

  • USC is now on Traveler VII, and the breeds have changed, but it has always been a white horse.

  • Traveler makes a variety of appearances with the USC Song Girls and Spirit Leaders.

  • Jeff Boz - Also a co-founder, attended USC but left in order to pursue his professional beach volleyball dreams.

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