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upc Sentence Examples

  • representation formalism (GMD-FIT.KI, VUB, Pisa, CEAB, UPC, URV ).

  • surpassed when UPC hosted Async'99 this year.

  • Development and application of an object-oriented knowledge representation formalism (GMD-FIT.KI, VUB, Pisa, CEAB, UPC, URV).

  • Objective 5 was met when TUE hosted Async'97 and was surpassed when UPC hosted Async'99 this year.

  • The recall list contains detailed information including brand name, specific date or UPC codes and the recall number.

  • If you have the UPC number, simply type it in to get automatic category listings, box art and game specs.

  • Even if you don't have the UPC you can enter details on your own.

  • Make absolutely sure you cut out the proper UPC codes to mail to the right place.

  • Even if you make copies of the UPC, cell phone companies generally only accept the original, cut straight off the box, when it comes to cutting you a check.

  • Not all manufacturers do this, so the next logical place to look is on the bottom of the box close to the UPC code.

  • After sending in a dated cash register tape, UPC bar code and sometimes other items, you will receive a check within so many weeks giving you back a portion or your entire purchase price.

  • Cereal boxes often have deals where parents can send in UPC codes for items like notebooks, pen packs or crayons, although they may have to pay shipping.

  • If you buy three bags, you'll then receive coupons for $5 off your next three purchases, plus a free pet kit, and additional discounts for turning in your UPC codes.

  • Nielson Soundscan Reports - Every time a piece of music with a UPC code is sold, it is reported to the Nielson Soundscan system.

  • Releases without UPC codes are not counted at all, and even albums with UPC codes are only tracked if they are scanned at the time of sale.

  • Many people believe that part of the reason the charts are so heavily weighted in the favor of major labels is because many indie and DIY releases do not have UPC codes and so are not being counted.

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