Untraditional sentence examples

  • Thanks in great part to its untraditional formulation, mineral face makeup is a favorite among all skin types.

  • Although the interface is untraditional, GIMP offers powerful image effect tools that rival the ones that come with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

  • What’s more, the 21st century has seen a growing acceptance of mainstream nude compositions as untraditional concepts of beauty.

  • This is done through the use of herbs, botanical medicines and the application of untraditional alternative therapies.

  • Creole Queen--The Creole Queen is a traditional-style paddle wheeler powered by very untraditional diesel engines.

  • Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West, Florida: They host a homemade bikini contest every year and some of their past winners have come up with some very untraditional bikinis with some featuring bubble gum dispensers and teacups.

  • The marriage of untraditional styling and high tech construction makes this shoe a real winner.

  • From dietary changes to topical preparations concocted at home, there are plenty of untraditional methods that people rely on to rid them of acne - for good.

  • The restaurant has a very bold contemporary design, and the food consists of the chef's creative, yet not untraditional, takes on many common continental and coastal menu items.

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