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unsympathetic Sentence Examples

  • But other annoyances were not wanting from unfaithful disciples and unsympathetic critics.

  • His characteristically British temperament was wholly unsympathetic to the French, whose sensibility was irritated by his cold and slightly contemptuous justice.

  • He refused to follow Bismarck in his financial and economic policy after 1878; always unsympathetic to the chancellor, he was now selected for his most bitter attacks.

  • Lancelot, already popular hero of a tale in which an adventure parallel to that of the Charrette figured prominently, was pressed into the service, Modred, Guenevere's earlier lover, being too unsympathetic a character; moreover, Modred was required for the final role of traitor.

  • He was somewhat reserved in manner, and this led to the charge in political circles that he was cold and unsympathetic; but no one gathered around him more devoted and loyal friends, and his dignified bearing in and out of office commanded the hearty respect of his countrymen.

  • The life and death of Cato fired the imagination of a degenerate age in which he stood out both as a Roman and a Stoic. To a long line of illustrious successors, men like Thrasea Paetus and Helvidius Priscus, Cato bequeathed his resolute opposition to the dominant power of the times; unsympathetic, impracticable, but fearless in demeanour, they were a standing reproach to the corruption and tyranny of their age.

  • In Egypt and in Babylon he appeared as the restorer of the native religions to honour after the unsympathetic rule of the Persians.

  • His gospel is completely denationalized, humanitarian; but, while equally universalistic, is quite unsympathetic towards the doctrine and the mysticism of Paul.

  • And Martineau is curiously unsympathetic to the universal and social aspect of morality with which evolutionary and idealist moral philosophers are so largely occupied.

  • Bond, jun., Monroe's Mission to France, 1794-1796 (Baltimore, 1907); Henry Adams, History of the United States (9 vols., New York, 1889-1891), containing a full but unsympathetic account of Monroe's career as a diplomatist; and James Schouler, History of the United States, vols.

  • There was an anxiety to avoid articles of dress peculiar to other religions, especially when these were associated with religious practices; and there was a willingness to refrain from costume contrary to the customs of an unsympathetic land.

  • The Church, which had so long played a prominent and valuable part in the moral and literary education of the Welsh people, was now gradually forced out of touch with the nation through the action of alien and unsympathetic Whig prelates in Wales itself, which still remained mainly High Church and Jacobite in feeling.

  • Finding his relatives unsympathetic, and falling into heated controversy with the Presbyterian clergy, he made no long stay, but returned to Paris, where he remained for seven years, becoming professor in several colleges successively.

  • There is in truth a something crude, unsympathetic, cynical in his mental attitude toward human nature, for which, even after the lapse of more than three centuries, we find it difficult to make allowance.

  • The third bride was sickly and unsympathetic, and from her Sigismund soon lost all hope of progeny, to his despair, for being the last male of the Jagiellos in the direct line, the dynasty was threatened with extinction.

  • The Syrian Christians, however, found that they had only exchanged the domination of a Zoroastrian monarch for an unsympathetic ecclesiastical despotism.

  • The want of courage and self-reliance, the deficiency in truth and honesty sometimes noticed in connexion with them, are doubtless due to long servitude under an unsympathetic government.

  • But his nature was cold, unsympathetic and calculating, combined with a talent for intrigue, to which was added an excellent memory and a ready wit.

  • Their special interest may be lost through unsympathetic extensions which would necessitate permanent alterations to the fabric of the building inappropriate to its character.

  • We are not opposed to change, but our intervention has helped protect many buildings from unsympathetic alterations.

  • Some regard the demands of the public media as unsympathetic or even antithetical to the constraints of honest historical research.

  • disintegrates across as a fairly unsympathetic woman, frustrated with her disintegrating family relationships.

  • The old order was thus threatened by an unsympathetic incumbent on one side and by growing Wesleyan concern about practices which seemed increasingly irregular.

  • However, Mr Sharp is unsympathetic, blaming the Briggs children for his son contracting German measles.

  • His avidity was insatiable and he could brook no opposition; but, unlike his father, he was morose, silent and unsympathetic. His next conquests were Camerino and Urbino, but his power was now greatly shaken by the conspiracy of La Magione (a castle near Perugia where the plotters met).

  • Mention should also be made of an Arabic history of the Babis (unsympathetic but well-informed) written by a Persian, Mirth Muhammad Mandi Khan, Za'imu'd-Duwla, printed in Cairo in A.H.

  • Though his character would seem, from much which is found in his writings, and from anecdotes told by those who still remember him, to have been unsympathetic, it was not so understood by enthusiastic young people, who hung on his words as those of a prophet.

  • He shortly afterwards divorced Publilia, who had been jealous of Tullia's influence and proved unsympathetic. To solace his troubles he devoted himself wholly to literature.

  • And no spectacle, but a great vague danger, unsympathetic shadows and veils of darkness.

  • Normally described as overtly arrogant, extremely wealthy and impressively unsympathetic, Victor Newman is known as the number one villain on Y & R.

  • On his own account what he did and said was grossly insensitive and unsympathetic.

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