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unsnap Sentence Examples

  • This allows you to unsnap the cuffs and roll them up with ease - a great option when you are wearing a brightly colored or patterned long-sleeved top underneath.

  • Some people find these easier to put on since you can simply unsnap the garment and put it on over what you are already wearing.

  • Organic cotton one-piece bodysuits - These garments, also known as onesies, are something most any mother would appreciate they pull on over the head and unsnap at the legs to make for easy diaper changes.

  • Since you will need multiple bras for nursing your baby, make sure that you purchase a comfortable bra that you can unhook or unsnap easily to nurse your baby.

  • How am I going to unsnap that, how does that work, is there a little cord to pull?

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