Unpretentious sentence examples

  • On the east side of Abdin Square is Abdin palace, an unpretentious building used for official receptions.

  • It was of course only the few who could afford elaborate tombs of the kind: the poor had to make shift with an unpretentious grave, in which the corpse was placed enveloped only by a few rags or enclosed in a rough wooden coffin.

  • It is unpretentious enough to tolerate hiking clothed patrons.

  • Nearly all the European garden flowers, even the rarer ones, can now be seen not only in the parks and gardens of the rich and well-to-do but in many unpretentious courtyards with only a few square yards of surface.

  • It is almost impossible that a much later period could have produced such unpretentious and almost depreciatory representations of the deeds and personality of the prophet.

  • His birthplace, an unpretentious little house in one of the tortuous older streets, can be distinguished by the tablet which the municipal authorities have affixed to its front wall.

  • In Douglas Street is an unpretentious building used in turn as a church, a raadzaal, a court-house and a museum.

  • The Anglican cathedral, begun in 1901 to replace an unpretentious building on the same site, is dedicated to St George.

  • The British residents have an unpretentious chapel in Rua Evaristo da Veiga, the Methodists a more modern structure on the Largo do Cattete and the Presbyterians a chapel near Praga Tiradentes.

  • This little nook of Berri, this unknown Vallee Noire, this quiet and unpretentious landscape, which must be sought to find it and loved to be admired, was the sanctuary of my first and latest reveries.

  • Words cannot do justice to the startlingly diverse clientele mingling in the unpretentious gritty pub.

  • The crowds in Norway are ace, if usually quite inebriated and largely have an unpretentious and open-minded attitude toward the music they hear.

  • She is unsentimental, unpretentious, never mawkish, never the slightest bit swamped with self-pity, nor ever less than clear.

  • Unpretentious and authentic little patisserie sited between a strip club and an old pub.

  • Mainly tho, you'll find smooching couples who come for the romantic and totally unpretentious atmosphere.

  • Where else can you mix with unpretentious people while listening to the killers and eating a wham bar !

  • Sometimes you need a basic, unpretentious tote to throw random things in and haul them around.

  • The emphasis here is creating a warm, welcoming room that is unpretentious.

  • Your biography should be honest, but unpretentious.

  • Today's mirror styles lean toward a more unpretentious wood-framed look that for many updated bathrooms replaces the long-used medicine cabinet.

  • This easy drinking wine provides an unpretentious accompaniment to appetizers or a meal, and serves as a delightful sipping wine in its own right.

  • Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio are bone-dry whites with acidity that are easy drinking and unpretentious and very picnic appropriate.

  • She's also unpretentious and fun; a YouTube video of her in 1989 shows her in a sombrero and a cute (and very 1980's) bikini, clowning with other models.

  • Hardware is not excessive, and Fossil's comfortable and unpretentious styles are ideal for the casual consumer.

  • Touted for friendly service and an unpretentious dining area, patrons can opt to enjoy their meal with a glass of fine wine on the scenic outdoor patio.

  • smooching couples who come for the romantic and totally unpretentious atmosphere.

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