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udon Sentence Examples

  • Fresh udon noodles should be consumed with three days of purchase; alternatively, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

  • You will usually find udon, somen, ramen, and soba on the menu.

  • Udon - This is a thick wheat based noodle.

  • Often served in kake udon or su udon, there are countless hot udon soups that can be found when looking for Japanese food in San Antonio.

  • When served cold, look for zaru udon which is udon topped with nori.

  • Godai Sushi Bar & Restaurant offers a highly recommended nabeyaki udon.

  • This is the case with the Udon Comics based on the Street Fighter games.

  • Japanese appetizers feature beef, pot stickers, fish and edamame among many other choices, and entrees vary from chicken, salmon or beef teriyaki, spicy udon or miso soup with a side of vegetables, as well as vegetarian sushi dinners.

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