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trepidation Sentence Examples

  • Yet even back then, behind the smiles, was great trepidation.

  • Reading through the various messages I begin to feel a little trepidation at the possibility of getting a job in the US.

  • With extreme trepidation, I complied, closing the door behind me.

  • There was a trepidation on the part of regulators.

  • The trepidation expressed by many western policy-makers is understandable.

  • Pierre went into that gloomy study which he had entered with such trepidation in his benefactor's lifetime.

  • Dean was thankful they both wore old hiking boots as they stepped forward, gazing with trepidation as the cool breath of the mine met them.

  • He touched it with some trepidation, fearing it'd changed back into the scarred maze that was him for so long.

  • "Sit down," Cynthia said, but in spite of the pleasant way she said it, a fleeting look of trepidation passed over the young girl's face.

  • Job application sorms are quite often complex and can cause trepidation.

  • Any initial trepidation you may have had about your ability to inspire a class will have been banished.

  • So it was with slight trepidation I boarded the train in Cardiff on Saturday morning.

  • Something ominous hangs in the winter air, a darkness and trepidation that well matches my mood.

  • The film version is such a classic, did you feel any trepidation?

  • Did the comedian have any trepidation about taking such a step?

  • Deidre approached him with trepidation, stopping only close enough to reach out and take the hourglass.

  • There was trepidation by the teachers that mayhem would ensue but thankfully the children conducted themselves immaculately.

  • Now the way forward is being slowed by increasing trepidation on the part of regulators.

  • This universality of fame led to considerable practical discomfort; he was besieged by sightseers, and his nervous trepidation led him perhaps to exaggerate the intensity of the infliction.

  • She was half afraid to speak, fearful that a quake in her voice would expose her trepidation.

  • While Cynthia was apprehensive over the wildness of the area, once there, the stark beauty that engulfed her dispelled her earlier trepidation.

  • This designer is known for approaching animal prints without trepidation, but the Leopard one-piece swimsuit is a vision.

  • He hummed, a feeling of mild accomplishment sandwiched between the failure to contact Martha and the trepidation of potentially being made a fool by Seymour "Fitz" Fitzgerald, sheriff candidate.

  • Sarah trudged to the basement, shadowed with trepidation.

  • While an Egyptian battalion was attacking in line, it was halted to repel a rush from the rear, and front and rear ranks were simultaneously engaged, firing in opposite directionsyet the fellahin were absolutely steady; they shot well and showed no signs of trepidation.

  • and cast horoscopes; here Tobit ben Korra (836 901) developed his long unquestioned, yet misleading theory of the " trepidation " of the equinoxes; Abd-ar-rahman al-Safi 9 0 3-9 86) revised at first hand the catalogue of Ptolemy; 3 and Abulwefa (939-998), like al-Safi, a native of Persia, made continuous planetary observations, but did not (as alleged by L.

  • By these means, employed with consummate skill, he attained an unprecedented degree of accuracy, and as an incidental though valuable result, demonstrated the unreality of the supposed trepidation of the equinoxes.

  • Comforted by Fate's words, Deidre obeyed Darkyn's order with trepidation but no hesitation, assuming he meant to drink from her again.

  • In spite of his trepidation at contact with any element of the law this morning, knowing Jake Weller was involved gave Dean a measure of comfort.

  • In spite of the scenery, the weather, and all the other splendid elements of the tour, Dean was experiencing a serious sense of trepidation.

  • precious cargo at Heathrow Airport I'm sure we all felt some degree of trepidation.

  • TREPIDATION (from Lat.

  • Princess Mary went to the door of the study with special trepidation.

  • Job Application Forms are quite often complex and can cause trepidation.

  • We just looked at each other - relief and trepidation mixed for Babes in the Wood.

  • In many ways, the trepidation expressed by many Western policy-makers is understandable.

  • I took on the role with considerable trepidation for a variety of reasons.

  • Reading through the various messages I begin to feel a little trepidation at the possibility of getting a job in the UK.

  • There was much trepidation in the days leading up to the 30th June - why?

  • I look forward to beginning this study with excitement and trepidation in equal measure.

  • There was some trepidation by the teachers that mayhem would ensue but thankfully the children conducted themselves immaculately.

  • Many pregnant mothers approach their due date with trepidation regarding the newborn phase, but such fears are often unnecessary.

  • However, the descent poses nothing short of poetic trepidation that will lead a cat to freeze in its lofty position and howl into the night.

  • In a recent In Touch Weekly article, Ziering admitted that he persuaded Garth to join the dance-off, saying, "She had a lot of trepidation at first.

  • Along with the joy of seeing your boy dressed in a coat and nice shoes, if only once a year, comes the trepidation of picking out just the right outfit.

  • A mix of trepidation and wonder filled his mind and he finally entered and explored its insides with a lantern.

  • Uninhibited or exuberant children, on the other hand, approach new events and persons without hesitation or trepidation.

  • If you feel any trepidation, simply put the process to the side and come back to it whenever you feel ready to begin anew.

  • For the faint of heart, this year there is some cause for trepidation and celebration; in 2009 we have already lived through two Friday the 13ths (both February and March had one).

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