Trapper sentence examples

  • She fell in love with a trapper and he took her back to what we all describe as civilization.

  • Baraboo was named in honour of Jean Baribault, an early French trapper, and was chartered as a city in 1882.

  • The abundance of game made the region between the lakes and the Mississippi a favourite hunting ground of the Indians, and later a productive field for the trapper and fur trader.

  • Almost half a century later, in the winter of 1824-25, James Bridger, a trapper, discovered the Great Salt Lake while seeking the source of the Bear river.

  • The traveller on the prairie is naturally a hunter, on the head waters of the Missouri and Columbia a trapper, and at the Falls of St. Mary a fisherman.

  • Mead is the leader in school supplies and produces not only the Mead brand name, but also popular product lines including Five Star, Trapper, Cambridge, and Académie.

  • It's always best to dust your mini blinds with a duster or dust trapper, if you have allergies.

  • The coal owners were much too thrifty to supply candles to trapper boys.

  • The following year he became a trapper at the Victoria Colliery.

  • An ornamented cloth covering for a war horse was called a trapper.

  • Figures include a Canadian trapper, a Zulu warrior, a turbaned Indian an Australian farmer and a New Zealand Maori.

  • Mba was a very good trapper and loved hunting, but he had no farm.

  • trapper hat.

  • Smith was fortunate to meet Hezekiah Burkitt, a knowledgeable black man, who taught him secrets of the fur trapper trade.

  • A double-breasted navy jacket was teamed with a round red fur trimmed skirt, cowgirl boots and checked red trapper hat.

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