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thapsus Sentence Examples

  • They were Utica (Bu Shatir), Hadrumetum (Susa), Thapsus (Dimas), Leptis Minor (Lemta), Achulla (Badria), Uzalis (about 11 m.

  • The battle of Thapsus in 46 made the Romans definitely masters of Numidia, and the spheres of administration were clearly marked out.

  • Daux, in the years preceding 1869, explored the sites of the ancient harbours of Utica, Hadrumetum, Thapsus (Dimas).

  • Till the beginning of Scale, 1:72,000 English Mile o;: Contours at intervals of10 metres 32~8 feet Railways C.S.Pancgla Bay of Thapsus Tern A rec h usa ascon of.

  • (It must be remembered that the Spartans were all this time in occupation of Deceleia; see Peloponnesian War.) But Nicias could not bring himself to face the Athenian people at home, nor could he be prevailed on to retire promptly to some position on the coast, such as Catania or Thapsus.

  • After the defeat at Thapsus he joined the younger Pompey in Spain, and was killed at Munda (March 17th, 45)

  • THAPSUS, a low peninsula, now known as Magnisi, joined by a narrow isthmus to the mainland of Sicily, about 7 m.

  • Returning to Italy, he quelled a mutiny of the legions (including the faithful Tenth) in Campania, and crossed to Africa, where a republican army of fourteen legions under Scipio was cut to pieces at Thapsus (6th of April 46 B.C.).

  • They are occasionally adulterated with the leaves of Inula Conyza, ploughman's spikenard, which may be distinguished by their greater roughness, their less divided margins, and their odour when rubbed; also with the leaves of Symphytum officinale, comfrey, and of Verbascum Thapsus, great mullein, which unlike those of the foxglove have woolly upper and under surfaces.

  • The chief cemeteries of this period have been found on Plemmyrium, the promontory south of Syracuse, at Cozzo Pantano, at Thapsus, at Pantalica near Palazzolo, at Cassibile, south of Syracuse, and at Molinello near Augusta.

  • of Syracuse, founded in 728 B.C. by Megarean colonists, who had previously settled successively at Trotilon, Leontini and Thapsus.

  • Africa after the battle of Thapsus (46).

  • From Cyprus, where he had taken refuge, he made his way to Africa, and after the defeat of the Pompeians at Thapsus (46) crossed over to Spain.

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  • Juba's attention was distracted by a counter invasion of his territories by Bocchus the younger and Sittius; but, finding that his lieutenant Sabura was able to defend his interests, he rejoined the Pompeians with a large force, and shared the defeat at Thapsus.

  • Powdered Digitalis leaf is occasionally adulterated; the following leaves have been substituted for the true drug: mullein (Verbascum thapsus, fam.

  • Caesar landed there in 46 B.C. on his way to the victory of Thapsus (De bello Afric. iii.; Suetonius, Div.

  • Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) oil has anti-inflammatory properties and may be apppied to the infected ear canal (one to three drops every three hours) to help soothe and heal the ear.

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