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technologists Sentence Examples

  • This all optical computing, or ` light controlling light ' has remained a dream of technologists for some time.

  • vascular Technologists working in Great Britain and Ireland.

  • While diplomats create treaties, technologists help with their enforcement.

  • The Society now functions as the national scientific and educational society for Vascular Technologists working in Great Britain and Ireland.

  • Reaching age 50: Most ski shop technologists suggest that you lower your DIN setting after you reach age 50.

  • The American Association of Candy Technologists awards an annual $5,000 scholarship to a college student with a documented or demonstrated interest in the field of confectionary technology.

  • The Center is staffed with registered sleep technologists to administer and monitor the sleep study as well as technologists to assist the patient with their medical equipment issues such as poor CPAP mask fit.

  • MRI technologists inspect patient clothing and accessories to make sure there are no metals on them during the scan.

  • The advantage of this testing is the availability and expertise of trained technologists, but it is expensive.

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