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technologist Sentence Examples

  • architectural technologist, Age 41 " I am average at dealing with my money.

  • The textiles and the pottery can only be mentioned; their quality and endless varieties astonish the technologist.

  • A ski shop technologist will need some information before adjusting your ski bindings.

  • All of these centers are staffed with experienced sleep physicians and have bedroom facilities in which you can sleep overnight while being monitored by a sleep technologist.

  • Vancouver blogger and technologist Darren Barefoot set up a single-page spoof of Second Life, called Get a First Life.

  • A trained x-ray technologist takes the x ray.

  • The x ray technologist positions the patient appropriately, so that the part of the body to be x rayed will be between the x-ray beam and the film plate.

  • A technologist operates the MRI scanner from an adjacent control room that contains a computer system and an intercom system for communicating with the patient during the scan.

  • Children undergoing an MRI scan are appropriately positioned on the patient table by the technologist.

  • Once the patient is positioned, the technologist goes to an adjacent control room to operate the scanner.

  • The technologist uses an intercom system to instruct the child to hold their breath or remain still at certain times during the scan.

  • CT scans are conducted by a technologist with specialized training in x rays and CT imaging.

  • During scanning, the technologist operates the CT scanner using a computer located in an adjacent room.

  • Because movement during the scan can cause inaccurate images, the technologist instructs the patient via an intercom system to hold their breath and not move during the x rays.

  • After positioning the child, the technologist inserts an intravenous catheter to inject contrast material.

  • For this reason, the ECMO circuit is constantly monitored by a trained technologist, nurse, or respiratory therapist.

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