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teary-eyed Sentence Examples

  • Likewise, you don't want mascara running down your face if you get teary-eyed at the height of celebrating.

  • Miller describes getting teary-eyed at some of the letters.

  • If she gets teary eyed over classic marriage proposals on bended knee, an elegant and simple proposal may be best.

  • When it's time to say goodbye, remain upbeat and positive even if she gets a little teary-eyed.

  • It's often difficult to talk about the experience without becoming teary-eyed and choked with emotion.

  • Her teary-eyed acceptance speech is one of the best in Emmy history.

  • The best first bra shopping stories may leave you teary-eyed and saying "aww."

  • There's nothing like seeing a bride at the altar readjusting her lingerie in front of a teary-eyed crowd.

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