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takeaway Sentence Examples

  • This sandwich bar franchise benefits from a good mix of sit-in custom, takeaway trade and a regular delivery business.

  • To people of my parents ' generation (they're both 70) takeaway food is considered a real extravagance!

  • At around 10.50pm a man walked into the Happy Sing Chinese takeaway brandishing a small, silver handgun.

  • A comfortable campers lounge where you can relax with a drink from our off license or food from our takeaway.

  • paving flags and fell head first into the corner of carved stonework, outside the China Garden takeaway.

  • Based near Radlett in Hertfordshire, Fleet Support looks after the 1200 mopeds and 65 Smart cars that deliver takeaway pizzas to our customers.

  • pizza takeaway in a Yorkshire market town.

  • Being in France, we got a takeaway pizza!

  • Take a stroll along the country lane into the nearby hamlet for lunch or dinner at the local pizzeria which even does takeaway pizzas.

  • sit-in custom, takeaway trade and a regular delivery business.

  • The Zam Zam Indian Takeaway has suffered a yob attack since our last visit.

  • Some food takeaway stores run schemes where they will fill reusable food containers.

  • If these are purchased from a takeaway or restaurant, check that they do not come served with mayonnaise and cheese.

  • There are, however, an increasing number of vegan cheese alternatives available and some of these are now being used commercially to produce frozen and takeaway pizzas.

  • The takeaway from this is the fact that strictly based on the sun signs, you can quickly and easily assess whether or not you will understand the fundamental point of view of the person in whom you are interested.

  • Heddy's offers takeaway if you do not want to wait for a table or dine in.

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