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spritz Sentence Examples

  • moisturize then spritz in the morning which is said to protect your skin from damage caused by the elements.

  • Afterward, spritz some white vinegar, or try some hot water mixed with mild, low odor dish soap and spritz that to help remove the urine.

  • You can also spritz their toys and hide them for your kitties to find.

  • Leave it in the nursery and use a quick spritz to deter your cat from unwanted behaviors in the room.

  • For drier skin, spritz on some water to help set the mineral powders.

  • A spritz of any of the renowned makeup artist's scents is all but guaranteed to recall a beautiful memory or transport you to another place.

  • The initial spritz may remind some of sunscreen, as it did me, though perhaps with some depth.

  • Spritz your love letter with your favorite perfume: sign, seal and deliver.

  • Just as you might add streaks of black or red to your hair for your scary costume, you can add a golden glint to your look with a spritz of metallic, temporary spray-on color.

  • Obviously, the best way to sniff out a new fragrance is to visit a fragrance counter and spritz the scent directly on your skin.

  • Although a fragrance may smell beautiful upon first spritz, the dry down will determine whether or not the scent is pleasing to the senses and complimentary on you.

  • Finish getting dressed and then spritz your fragrance onto your pulse points.

  • Fortunately, my first spritz of Magnifique offered great potential right from the start.

  • If you're used to a spritz, spray, or dab on perfume, you may not be familiar with the advantages offered by the Clinique cologne sticks.

  • You can maintain it with light brushing and gentle spritz of a white vinegar solution.

  • Lush, creamy, and round, there's a surprising spritz of effervescence and lemons in the finish.

  • Spritz with water every other day until the color is corrected.

  • Depending on the style you choose, an extra spritz of hair spray may be able to counteract most breezes.

  • Biolage also produces a number of other hair care products, including spritz, hair spray, mousse, curl-defining formulas, thermal protection formulas, and shine products to help hair look its best without heavy chemicals.

  • Take two inch sections of hair at a time and spritz them with flexible hold hair spray, then curl with a large barrel curling iron.

  • A final spritz of hair spray will keep your style throughout the prom, despite the all-night dancing.

  • Finish with a spritz of hair spray at the roots to hold the style.

  • Blow dry with a diffuser, then remove the pins and spritz with hair spray for maximum hold.

  • To achieve it, spritz your hair with a thickening spray (a budget-friendly choice is John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Spray, available at most drugstores and grocery stores).

  • Spritz your hair with a light hairspray, such as Got2b Smooth Operator, which provides hold while keeping your tresses soft and manageable.

  • Set your style with a shot of cool air and a spritz of volumizing spray to maintain the look all day long.

  • Finish up with a spritz of shine spray for extra gleam.

  • Spritz with hairspray and wait for half an hour (this is a great time to do your makeup!).

  • Finally, remove the pins, run your fingers through the curls to fluff them and add a spritz of shine spray.

  • To ensure the longevity of your curls, spritz hair all over with a light hairspray both before and after curling.

  • When it is dry, release the hair, finger comb and spritz with a light hairspray.

  • Volumizer: Spritz your roots with a volumizing spray.

  • Finish with a spritz of hairspray so your style remains intact until the lights come on.

  • Finish with a light spritz of flexible hold hairspray.

  • If you've never worn a sheer swimsuit before and want to know what you're in for, you can ask the salesperson for a glass of water or if they have a spritz bottle.

  • Concentrated Room Spray: A small spritz of this spray is enough to add a pleasant scent to any room.

  • You can also shop for charms, mousepads, book marks, lip gloss, body spritz and even clothing for your pet.

  • Place the cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spritz a liberal amount on each of the slats.

  • Slather an accompanying lotion on first, spritz on the complementary fragrance and enjoy your scent for much longer.

  • Post Shave Balm: After a shave, spritz your face with this soothing treatment.

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