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spokesmodel Sentence Examples

  • She is a spokesmodel for Cover Girl cosmetics, and has created a line of makeup products under their umbrella.

  • In 2003, Smith became a spokesmodel for TrimSpa weight-loss pills after shedding about 70 pounds and looking like a shell of her former self.

  • Born June 12th 1981 in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, she is best known for her spokesmodel work for Guess, Victoria's Secret, Armani Jeans and XOXO.

  • Adriana's beauty and ability to speak in multiple languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) lead to many spokesmodel opportunities.

  • She is best remembered for her struggles with trying to shed her Southern accent, or at least to lessen it enough to properly become a spokesmodel.

  • She is a swimwear model, spokesmodel for several companies, and a former NFL cheerleader.

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