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snp Sentence Examples

  • snp, Sub-neural arch.

  • 3 and 4, snp), and further a dorsal gastric canal and arterial canal which transmit the alimentary tract and the dorsal artery respectively (figs.

  • r t SnP sD r.

  • The SNP will not increase tax - but we will not be bought by Gordon Brown's penny tax bribe.

  • bye election for the Milton ward seat, Labor lost the seat to the SNP.

  • The new probe follows the shock by-election victory of SNP councilor Billy McAllister in the Labor stronghold.

  • He is a former Chief Executive of the SNP.

  • Friend was saying about the policy of the SNP, I wholeheartedly concur.

  • Angus MacNeil (SNP) asked about voter confusion under the current system and said STV maximized power to voters.

  • If the SNP is to remain credible, this is a challenge it will have to face eventually.

  • disequilibrium between pairs of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) where SNP haplotypes are available.

  • This act caused much disquiet in Scotland where the SNP accused the Tories of using Scotland for experimental purposes.

  • Former SNP leader John Swinney delivered a moving eulogy to the woman whom he had first met 23 years ago.

  • He is a former chief executive of the SNP.

  • This SNP is located in a splicing region, just before the last exon, and might originate a splicing variant with functional consequences.

  • SNP leader Alex Salmond congratulated Sir Menzies on his success, saying he would " undoubtedly add gravitas to the Liberal Democrats " .

  • In the rural areas of North East Scotland, the SNP's traditional heartland, the nationalists lost ground.

  • The win by the SNP's Scott Farmer at Borestone gives the nationalists a foothold on Stirling Council.

  • Until the SNP understands this New World - and it may already be too late - their triumphs are fated to remain sepia-tinted.

  • nucleotide sequence on either side of the SNP, ie.

  • In any case, it is not preordained that the SNP will forever remain the leading force in the fight for an independent Scotland.

  • SNP education spokeswoman Fiona Hyslop gave a guarded welcome to the scheme.

  • The SNP has only became a real political force following the decline of Scottish unionism.

  • The SNP in government will hold a referendum on Independence during the Parliament 's first four year term.

  • The SNP are holding a torchlight rally in Edinburgh the night before it comes home, and you can come and join us.

  • The SNP has only became a real political force following the decline of Scottish Unionism.

  • It also discovered a single letter change in the genetic code, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP).

  • People with autism had less SNP activity than neurotypical people do.

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