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shuffles Sentence Examples

  • soft-shoe shuffles.

  • But otherwise this was a triumph for a batting style which values solidity and balance over soft-shoe shuffles.

  • These accidents occur because, although technically inside the box when she shuffles around the litter, your cat's back end may have been too far outside the box's edge.

  • Clay clumping litters produce a dust and film when they are cleaned or when your cat shuffles around in the box.

  • There is no penalty so be liberal with the shuffles, especially if you're stuck.

  • Each player shuffles the event cards and places them on the map to start the game Gandalf leads the Free Peoples Army, which starts in Rivendell.

  • The DVD shuffles thru the various scenes on the disc along with some challenge questions automatically so you can host a Seinfeld night or something to pass the time.

  • The dealer shuffles the playing cards and then deals out the cards.

  • This game has other names like Alexander the Great, Midnight Oil, The Fan or Three Shuffles.

  • The sender shuffles the cards, and then looks at each one, mentally sending the image to the receiver.

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