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sentencing Sentence Examples

  • Rapper T.I. received his sentencing on federal weapons charges.

  • He'd played a hand in sentencing the sweet human to Hell.

  • The jury convicted Dr. King of draft evasion, sentencing him to 18 months in prison.

  • If there is a problem, it could probably have been dealt with by sentencing guidelines.

  • honesty in sentencing.

  • jailed for assault following his sentencing at crown court last week.

  • lenient sentencing sent to her.

  • As a former RUC reservist, Billy has campaigned and will continue to campaign for effective policing and sentencing powers.

  • savagery of sentencing policy made routine victims of the poor.

  • The capricious savagery of sentencing policy made routine victims of the poor.

  • Indeed the current developments in community sentencing are a culmination of many years of sometimes visionary, often pragmatic, reforms.

  • As a former RUC Reservist, Billy has campaigned and will continue to campaign for effective policing and sentencing powers.

  • Jennifer thus becomes "Genifyr," instantly sentencing her to a lifelong spelling bee.

  • The Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act, passed in July 2004, makes it a little bit easier since it outlines mandatory sentencing for some identity theft cases.

  • Paris Hilton said she was remorseful for her actions and stated in court before her sentencing, "I respect the law.

  • His legal troubles aren't over yet though, as he is awaiting his sentencing for hearing regarding yet another drug bust in 2006.

  • At his sentencing, he apologized for his behavior, no lame excuses, no public relations spin, just a simple apology.

  • No, this isn't another case of a Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan sentencing.

  • When the judge brought Rihanna in to the courtroom to inform her of her attacker's sentencing, the judge let Rihanna know that she, too must avoid contact with Brown or risk going to jail.

  • Before his sentencing, he performed over 1,000 hours of community service, hosted public speaking gigs against violence and repeatedly apologizing publicly for his actions.

  • Currently there is no word from the authorities attached to the case as to whether or not the judge will take the letters into consideration during sentencing.

  • If students have a felony on their records, they must have completed all requirements of the sentencing (including being finished with any probationary periods).

  • For the Judicial Branch, you have opportunities in the Federal Judicial Center, the U.S. Sentencing Commission and the U.S. Courts.

  • Even former Prime Minister Tony Blair commented on the story line of Parliament wrongfully sentencing Deidre to prison.

  • The show aired in the weeks leading up to the musician's sentencing on federal weapons charges.

  • An episode of the show also depicted the day of the sentencing and captured T.I'.s reaction to his fate.

  • Able to dispense instant sentencing, Judges are the one thing preventing total anarchy.

  • consistency in sentencing through the development of further guidelines by the Court of Appeal.

  • She has also published many articles on penal theory, sentencing, comparative criminology, victims, security and anti-terrorism policy.

  • custodial sentencing in favor of community sentencing.

  • advance; this was quickly followed up by the crushing defeat Lee acted in a stern and energetic fashion, holding courts, of the Federal army under Pope, the invasion of Maryland and sentencing many offenders to death and overcoming the hostility the sanguinary and indecisive battle of the Antietam, of the English border lords.

  • Hale, as quoted by Phillimore (Ecc. Law), says that before the time of Richard II., that is, before any acts of Parliament were made about heretics, it is without question that in a convocation of the clergy or provincial synod" they might and frequently did here in England proceed to the sentencing of heretics."But later writers, while adhering to the statement that Convocation might declare opinions to be heretical, doubted whether it could proceed to punish the offender, even when he was a clerk in orders.

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