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scrapers Sentence Examples

  • Scraping ToolsFlint scrapers are found from S.D.

  • The scrapers seem to have always been of copper.

  • the hieroglyphs was done partly with copper and partly with flint scrapers (P.M.

  • In later work we may note that copper scrapers were used for facing the limestone work in the VIth, the XIIth and the XVIIIth Dynasties.


  • Large thin spear-heads; scrapers with edge not on the side but on the end; flint knives and saws, but all still chipped, not ground or polished; long spear-points, with tang and shoulder on one side only, are also characteristic implements of this epoch.

  • Sometimes the opium is in a fluid state by reason of dew, and in some places it is rendered still more so by the practice adopted by collectors of washing their scrapers, and adding the washings to the morning's collection.

  • The deposit from this solution even with low currentdensities is pulverulent and non-coherent, and therefore during electrolysis wooden scrapers are automatically and intermittently passed over the surface of the cathode to detach the loose silver, which falls into cloth trays at the bottom of the tanks.

  • The stone hatchets are symmetrically shaped and edged by grinding, while the cutting flakes, scrapers, spear and arrow heads are of high finish.

  • The range includes graders, scrapers and land planes - all of which have been well-proven working in the harshest of environments.

  • retouched pieces are scrapers or associated flakes.

  • Over half of the retouched pieces are scrapers or associated flakes.

  • Thick plastic scrapers: Buy a few of these.

  • A file for sharpening the scrapers: The file is placed in a vertical position on a flat surface.

  • Ice scrapers: On cold days, ice may accumulate on the bases of your skis.

  • Long-handled metal scrapers may be easier to use and more comfortable for long periods on hands and knees.

  • Floor scrapers have long handles, so you can stand while you do this, pushing your weight behind it.

  • Making chocolate candy recipes can sometimes require specialized equipment such as molds and scrapers but it can also be as simple as just using a fork to dip a ball of ganache or filling into your melted chocolate.

  • I tend to avoid the paint scrapers that have wooden handles because I feel the plastic handles sanitize better.

  • Before the introduction of La Machine in 1975, Moulinex obtained patents for many innovative devices including food mills, nutcrackers, vegetable scrapers, rotating vegetable peelers, salt grinders and spice mills.

  • The sloping sides of the conical bottom can be freed from the coating of scum which forms upon them every two or three hours by two rotatory scrapers, formed of L-irons, which can be slowly turned by an attendant by means of a central shaft provided with a suitable handle.

  • Rotating zinc cathodes were used, with scrapers to prevent the accumulation of a layer of insoluble magnesium compounds, which would otherwise increase the electrical resistance beyond reasonable limits.

  • Round scrapers were also made (44).

  • Flint scrapers were used in dressing down limestone sculpture in the IIIrd Dynasty.

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