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sasquatch Sentence Examples

  • With so many options for hair removal, there’s no reason to walk around feeling like Sasquatch.

  • They are usually reported under various names such as Yeti or Sasquatch.

  • In fact, the terms "Bigfoot" and "Sasquatch" were used in news articles written in the 1920s by J.W.

  • The world of Sasquatch sightings was silent again until 1958 when excavator Jerry Crew claimed that he found large footprints at a job site in California.

  • Even though video, photo and forensic evidence has been captured by researchers through the years, nothing short of an actual body of a Sasquatch is likely to convince a highly skeptical public.

  • Whether you believe Bigfoot is a myth or an undiscovered species lurking in the forests of North America, Sasquatch or Bigfoot remains alive and well in the public imagination and in the investigative activities of many groups.

  • Bigfoot, also known by the Native American name Sasquatch, reportedly roams the forests and remote areas of North America.

  • The name Sasquatch is a phonetically spelled Indian word meaning "wild man" since early stories portrayed the Sasquatch as a wild human.

  • Sasquatch Information Society tracks reported Bigfoot sightings all across the USA.

  • While anyone can post to, you may want to see some of their Sasquatch sightings footage.

  • Sasquatch sightings footage of both well-known and lesser known videos.

  • The Loch Ness Monster is one of many mysterious creatures that are thought to inhabit the Earth just like Sasquatch and the Chupacabra.

  • One of the most frustrating aspects of cryptozoology, especially for those who hunt the elusive Bigfoot or Sasquatch, is the lack of clear Sasquatch photographs.

  • So many photos are blurry that Sasquatch photographs are often called blobsquatch pictures because the image of the supposed creature is just one big blog in the background.

  • There are many pictures online touted as Sasquatch photographs, but what exactly are they?

  • Many Sasquatch photographs are simply shadows from rocks, bushes and trees that have a human-like appearance.

  • As in any paranormal field, most of the so-called photographic evidence doesn't give solid proof of the existence of Sasquatch.

  • It's unlikely that any one Sasquatch photograph would convince people of the creature's existence, but added to a body of evidence, including footprints and videos, it would certainly help convince the skeptics.

  • Cytomundo offers a white-shaped Sasquatch image for consideration.

  • New technology holds the promise of actually capturing Sasquatch in the wild on camera.

  • Just as biologists patiently wait for shy animals to emerge from the forest to be captured on camera, Sasquatch hunters must also remain patient since it's believed that the elusive creature shies away from human habitation.

  • Some reasons why it's difficult to find clear and compelling Sasquatch photos are due to the very nature of the sightings themselves.

  • Sasquatch often surprises hikers or people living in remote areas going about their daily business.

  • Take Sasquatch photographs or evidence photographs from different angles.

  • Perhaps someday there will be clear cut photographic evidence of a real live Sasquatch.

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