Sashimi sentence examples

  • We recommend the soft shell crab tempura, Chilean sea bass with black bean, any kind of sashimi and the spider rolls.

  • sea bass with black bean, any kind of sashimi and the spider rolls.

  • In Hawaii, raw tuna, called by the Japanese name, sashimi, is very popular.

  • For instance, if you tried sushi for the first time, use paper that features a pattern of sushi and sashimi.

  • Asanebo also specializes in sashimi, which is also raw fish, but not presented in rolls.

  • Breakfast items are large and consist of some form of loco moco (usually rice, hamburger patty, egg and gravy) while lunch and dinner specialties include poke, crab and sashimi.

  • What could be more sexy than sashimi and sake on a cold winter night?

  • Create a custom sashimi platter or sample a creative sushi roll.

  • The restaurant offers a raw bar, hot and cold appetizers, salads, soups, noodles, steaks and of course, maki, sushi and sashimi.

  • Nami has tempura, sashimi and sushi, fried and white rice, soups and salads, beer and liquor.

  • The menu is expansive with numerous seafood main entrees as well as a large sushi and sashimi bar, offering patrons an eclectic mix of options to choose from.

  • A range of sushi and sashimi is offered a la carte, as are a few attractive tempura and teriyaki dinner options (each served with soup, salad, and rice).

  • The restaurant serves cooked dinners and an extensive sashimi, sushi and sushi roll menu.

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