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sabres Sentence Examples

  • It is calculated that the field army would consist, in the third week of a great war, of 633 battalions, 410 squadrons and 574 batteries, with technical, departmental and medical troops (say 630,000 bayonets, 60,000 sabres and 3444 guns, or 750,000 men), and that these could be reinforced in three or four weeks by 350 fresh battalions.

  • Wounds caused by projectiles, sabres, etc, are the special subject of naval and military surgery.

  • Bakhchi-sarai manufactures morocco, sheepskin cloaks, agricultural implements, sabres and cutlery.

  • only 23,700 rifles, 8roo sabres and 126 guns had been brought into action by the Germans against 59,100 rifles, 6700 sabres, and 300 guns on the French side, and even at the close of the day the former had only deployed 47,100 rifles, 8300 sabres and 222 guns against 83,000 rifles, 8000 sabres and 432 guns including 24 mitrailleuses.

  • The reserve artillery consisted cf 23 batteries and Stuart's cavalry corps of 3 000 sabres.

  • At the accession of Prince Charles, the Rumanian army consisted of raw levies, led by adventurers from any country, provided with no uniform, and, in many cases, armed only with pikes or sabres.

  • Wounds caused by projectiles, sabres, &c., are the special subject of naval and military surgery; while under the head of military hygiene we may include the general subject of ambulances, the sanitary arrangements of camps, and the various forms of epidemic camp sickness.

  • Over time, marching bands were no longer unique to the military and modern color guard teams added "color" to the marching band performance with choreography, and props such as rifles, flags and sabres.

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