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rubber-band Sentence Examples

  • Across the room, Darkyn held the tension of a taut rubber band.

  • Across the room, Darkyn held the tension of a taut rubber band.

  • I'll unwind the world like a rubber band on a golf ball 's insides every morning, put it back together every night.

  • bristles of the brush uppermost (forming the hair ), place the rubber band where the mouth should be.

  • Gather these together in a rubber band and stitch your false plait to them.

  • All you'll need is a few pairs of pantyhose, some polyester fiberfill, a rubber band and some yarn.

  • Put one large rubber band over the tube.

  • Beginning at the base, start rolling diapers and tucking them into the rubber band.

  • If you really want the more decorative look of ribbon, it can be added after you secure the diaper with the rubber band.

  • Begin rolling diapers and tucking them into the rubber band.

  • Make a third layer for the cake by placing another rubber band on the tube, just above the previous layer.

  • Roll and tuck diapers into this rubber band until you complete the third layer.

  • Roll each diaper and secure it with a rubber band or baby hair tie.

  • Secure with a rubber-band or twist ties at the top.

  • When dry, place them on sheets of waxed paper, roll up the paper, and affix a rubber band around them to hold them in place.

  • Secure it using either tape or a rubber band.

  • Write the directions on an index card to attach to the jar, and be sure to cut the fabric and use a rubber band or ribbon to tie the index card to the top of the jar so it looks pretty on top.

  • If your dog has a topknot, you can tie it up with a rubber band after it has dried.

  • Electric shock sensations, which may feel like a rubber band snapping in the layers of tissue between the skin and muscles.

  • Secure a loose hinge with the special rubber band in your repair kit.

  • I grabbed a rubber band and secured the button on my controller for a few hours while my characters constantly sucked magic out of a helpless critter.

  • Half up: If you have long or medium long hair, pull hair up halfway in a ponytail or bun and secure with bobby pins and a rubber band.

  • High ponytail: Bend over, grab hair into a high ponytail on top of your head, flip over and secure with a rubber band.

  • Secure with a mirrored beaded rubber band for right on trend appeal.

  • Flat twist the hair to the crown of the head and secure it with a small rubber band or a tiny spring clip (the clips that open and close with a spring).

  • As you move through your cycle, move the rubber band onto a different bead.

  • Your stylist will bundle your hair into a pony tail using an elastic band or rubber band and cut it off in one length.

  • Many people describe the pain of laser tattoo removal to be the equivalent of getting snapped with a rubber band - over and over and over..

  • Camera - When you finally arrive at The World's Largest Rubber Band Ball you'll definitely want to document the moment!

  • Wrap a rubber band around your wallet and keep it in a side pocket.

  • Use a rubber band to keep a set of needles together.

  • Once your pleat is complete, secure it with a rubber band or rubber bands.

  • Then, holding your "cinnamon roll" tightly in place, wrap one rubber band all the way around it, as if tying a package horizontally; wrap a second one around it going across the first.

  • Just cut a circle of fabric a couple of inches larger than the lid with a pair of pinking shears, affix it with a rubber band to rim of the lid, and cover the rubber band with a length of ribbon.

  • Pinch the shirt up and fasten it with a rubber band.

  • However to be on the safe side, it might be good to use a rubber band to secure the knot.

  • Knight masks are fitted over the face with a rubber band that goes around the back of the head.

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