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rivulets Sentence Examples

  • Tears ran in rivulets down her cheeks.

  • At length the sun's rays have attained the right angle, and warm winds blow up mist and rain and melt the snowbanks, and the sun, dispersing the mist, smiles on a checkered landscape of russet and white smoking with incense, through which the traveller picks his way from islet to islet, cheered by the music of a thousand tinkling rills and rivulets whose veins are filled with the blood of winter which they are bearing off.

  • She was drenched to the skin and rivulets of water ran down her shivering body.

  • This little stream is the Tembi, which within a short distance is joined by two other rivulets, the Tamincono and Falico, which have their origin in the same mountainous district.

  • In 1876 he published a thin volume, called Two Rivulets, made up of prose and verse.

  • She pulled the pins from her hair and scrubbed it and then wiped the rivulets of water from her face.

  • Mascara ran in muddy little rivulets down her cheeks, and her eyes were as red as a three-day drunk.

  • They slopped forward, feet sloshing the muddy floor, no longer trying to avoid the water that oozed in rivulets down the narrow passageway, back toward the entrance, now out of sight behind them.

  • Several rivulets follow the ravines and drain into the Ribeirao do Carmo, a sub-tributary of the Rio Doce.

  • In the Great Plains region and in the TransPecos Province the rivers have cut deep canyons, and the character of the longer rivers in their upper courses varies from mere rivulets late in summer to swift and powerful streams during spring freshets.

  • In many parts boats can approach by means of lakes, rivulets and water-courses to the door of almost every cottage.

  • rivulets of sweat ran down her hot body.

  • Taraba, according to John Lewis Burckhardt, is a considerable town, surrounded by palm groves and gardens, and watered by numerous rivulets, and famous for its long resistance to Mehemet Ali's forces in 1815.

  • Rising on the inner slopes of the hills these rivulets all join the Senku, which receives from the north several streams which rise in the Maluti Mountains.

  • in height, a coast with deep indentations and lined with bold cliffs, a sea dotted with rocky islets, clear lakes, sparkling rivulets, deep gorges, and wooded glens are features of the attractive scenery here and in the vicinity.

  • maculosa, which lives in plains or at low altitudes (up to 3000 ft.), deposits her young, ten to fifty in number, in the water, in springs or cool rivulets, and these young at birth are of small size, provided with external gills and four limbs, in every way similar to advanced newt larvae.

  • Apart from Segura, which flows from the highlands of Albacete through Murcia and Orihuela to the sea, there is no considerable river, but a few rivulets flow east into the Mediterranean.

  • The cemetery adjoined the city of the living and was laid out in streets through which ran rivulets of " pure " water.

  • is drained by tributaries of the Missouri, mostly short streams taking their rise from numerous rivulets, flowing quite rapidly over muddy beds through much of their courses, and in the bluff belt along the Missouri having steep but grassy banks 200 ft.

  • The wall is nearly encircled by a stream of water, artificially diverted from the small rivulets which flow through the precincts, furnishing the establishment with an abundant supply in every part, for the irrigation of the gardens and orchards, the sanitary requirements of the brotherhood and for the use of the offices and workshops.

  • rivulets of blood and gore.

  • Springs start here and there at the feet of the hills; and little rivulets pour away in all directions.

  • There are several rivulets and burns in this parish.

  • Impetuous and magnificent streams after heavy rain, they become in the summer mere rivulets, or even dry up altogether.

  • clothed with magnificent vegetation, and everywhere they echo the voices of waterfalls and rivulets.

  • In various places along their course, these rivulets are bounded by pretty high rocks, from 25 to 50 feet, nearly perpendicular.

  • rivulets of water.

  • My face is wet, tiny rivulets form on my coat running down to that huge sponge of a forest floor.

  • The country through which they passed was not only well wooded, but well watered by numerous rivulets.

  • But the quantity of water carried seawards varies within wide limits; for whereas, during the rainy season in summer and while the snows of winter are melting in spring, great volumes of water sweep down from the mountains, these broad rivers dwindle at other times to petty rivulets trickling among a waste of pebbles and boulders.

  • Let the pain flow out from you down through your feet along with the rivulets of water.

  • With each heartbeat her blood would sizzle, scorching Annamika until rivulets of sweat ran down her hot body.

  • Any pity we feel, any seeds of identification that Bittersweet waters, get shot straight down in rivulets of blood and gore.

  • North America, on the borders of rivulets and on mountains, thriving in peat borders and fringes of beds of American plants in moist soil.

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