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radioshack Sentence Examples

  • RadioShack has been around for years and is a premier place to buy inexpensive two-way radios.

  • If name-brand isn't important to you, RadioShack carries their store brand two-way radios, which often run $20-$50 cheaper.

  • One other advantage to RadioShack is that if they are out of a particular radio you liked, they have many channels in which to get it, whether it's another store, online, or through their paper catalogue.

  • Radioshack: Typically not known for selling computers, it sometimes offers a few models for sale on Black Friday.

  • In 2005, Motorola issued a recall, but then retracted it saying that the issue with the Motorola 815 can be corrected in the Radioshack stores in which they were exclusive.

  • The phones, as shipped to Radioshack, did not have the EVDO capabilities as the phone advertised.

  • RadioShack - This website offers a wide range of alarm clocks.

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