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radio controlled

radio controlled Sentence Examples

  • Well now you can have instant bling by having your very own radio controlled plane.

  • radio controlled.

  • Some years later, in 1995, the PIRA finally admitted that the device had not been radio controlled.

  • Nikko, also known as Nikko Electronics or Nikko R/C, is the largest manufacturer of toy-grade radio controlled vehicles.

  • Radio-controlled clock, resonance clock, spectroscopy clock and radio clock are all terms that people use to describe an atomic clock.

  • Along with its accurate radio-controlled timekeeping, this clock offers an AM/FM radio, weather forecasting and pressure trend indicator, auto-synchronization, remote sensor and time zone indicators.

  • Sangean RCR-22: The sleek, futuristic design and subtle blue shades of the case mask an array of atomic technology like precise radio-controlled timekeeping for CE time, the UK, U.S. or Japan.

  • Vero 625-488 Wall Clock: Behind the shatter-proof crystal and minimalist black matte case lies a durable, radio-controlled and battery-powered watch movement that synchronizes with the NIST clock in Fort Collins, Colorado.

  • Accuwave Wall II Clock: The most popular Howard Miller atomic model, the Accuwave 2 features extra large Arabic numerals, a clear glass crystal and a radio-controlled quartz movement.

  • Described as a cutting edge manufacturer of radio-controlled timekeeping technology, LaCrosse continues to reign as the leading atomic clock company.

  • WT-3102B Analog: This clock's sturdy black plastic case makes it affordable, and the accurate radio-controlled movement makes it indispensable.

  • Technical features include four time zones, auto or manual time setting, Daylight Savings Time options and a radio-controlled atomic movement.

  • Standard options include four time zones, accurate radio-controlled movement and Daylight Savings Time options.

  • Performance options include time for 43 cities, 1/100 second 24 hour chronograph and radio-controlled atomic timekeeping.

  • Wheelie is a small radio-controlled 4x4 truck.

  • Wheelie: Is the smallest newbie, played as a blue radio-controlled toy monster truck.

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