Quilled sentence examples

  • In the dahlia the florets are rendered quilled, and are made to assume many glowing colours.

  • The white and pink forms, with the white and red quilled, and the variegated-leaved aucubaefolia, are some of the best.

  • A note on using quilled stickers: these stickers are basically paper rolled into interesting shapes and then stuck together in a pattern on a sheet of adhesive.

  • Use quilled accents to create animal whiskers for a child's card, or create starbursts and spirals as small decorations.

  • Quilled Paper Snowflakes: Quilling can be a time consuming project, but these pretty ornaments are well worth the effort.

  • Once you learn the art of quilliing, you may find yourself adding quilled items to every card you create.

  • Some quilled designs may need to be placed in a padded envelope to prevent damage when they are sent through the mail, while a large quilled embellishment might make your card require extra postage.

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