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quicktime Sentence Examples

  • Most UNIX workstations, for instance, cannot view QuickTime movies.

  • Click here for a virtual-reality model of the shuttle orbiter using Quicktime.

  • For those users with Apple's Quicktime plugin, fully immersive 360° spherical panoramas of each location are also available.

  • You'll need to have Quicktime installed to view the site in its entirety, but either way you can download some of these great graphics for free.

  • QuickTime is necessary to view the course, which teaches basic parenting skills.

  • QuickTime is used more often for streaming video, but it is also used for audio purposes, like listening to music online.

  • They give you several options for how you want to listen to their tunes, including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Real Audio, Windows Media, and QuickTime.

  • Lifehouse Music site also offers the video via Windows Media Player, Real Player, and Quicktime, or watch and listen with iTunes.

  • One of the earliest delivery methods took advantage of the embedded Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) in Apple's popular media player Quicktime.

  • Quicktime and RealPlayer developed "streaming" music - which would use an HTML tag to trigger the launch of their application on the user's computer, and the music would be piped in and played through.

  • It provides animation control, database integration, a complete scripting language (called "ActionScript") and even integrates with many other web technologies such as XML and Quicktime.

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