Questioner sentence examples

  • He also appeared as the questioner on GSN's original game show Grand Slam in 2006.

  • My response must have sufficiently bored my questioner.

  • His answer was always found equal to the questioner.

  • Next, the questioner turns in a circle every time she repeats Bloody Mary's name.

  • They were not intended, however, to answer the questionings of a 20thcentury European questioner, and are liable now to be misunderstood.

  • The man was a recluse, and having found that his questioner was a disciple of Confucius, he said to him: " Disorder in a swelling flood spreads over the kingdom, and no one is able to repress it.

  • The questioner, in the kindness of his heart, appears a little discomposed, and changes the subject.

  • For a hostile questioner the Table Office can appear as insurmountable as the Berlin Wall.

  • The questioner who sits so sly Shall never know how to reply.

  • The Socinians embodied their tenets in the larger and smaller works drawn up by Fausto Sozzini and Schmalz, and published at Rakow in Poland in 1605; 2 modern Unitarians have modern catechisms. The Quakers or Friends possess a kind of catechism said to have been written by George Fox in 1660, in which father and son are respectively questioner and answerer, and an interesting work by Robert Barclay, in which texts of Scripture form the replies.

  • In most cases, the person is either living in the past, holding on to a relationship based on how a partner used to behave, or the questioner is living in the future hoping she can do something to change her partner.

  • Selection 7: This card represents you, the questioner.

  • They turn off the lights, and the questioner holds a lit candle.

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