Quercetin sentence examples

  • a-pyrone condenses with the benzene ring to form coumarin and isocoumarin; benzo-'y-pyrone constitutes the nucleus of several vegetable colouring matters (chrysin, fisetin, quercetin, &c., which are derivatives of flavone or phenyl benzo-y-pyrone); dibenzo--ypyrone is known as xanthone; related to this substance are fluorane (and fluorescein), fluorone, fluorime, pyronine, &c. The pyridine ring condenses with the benzene ring to form quinoline and isoquinoline; acridine and phenanthridine are dibenzo-pyridines; naphthalene gives rise to a-and /3-naphthoquinolines and the anthrapyridines; anthracene gives anthraquinoline; while two pyridine nuclei connected by an intermediate benzene nucleus give the phenanthrolines.

  • You can help counter this by giving your son vitamin C, combined with a potent natural antihistamine called Quercetin.

  • Quercetin possesses powerful antioxidant properties and like other bioflavonoids, has the ability to stabilize cell membranes.

  • quercetin glycosides in Psidium guajava L. leaves and determination of a spasmolytic principle.

  • Eat lots of garlic and onion which contain quercetin which is anti-inflammatory.

  • Onions and apples contain large amounts of a flavonoid called quercetin.

  • Great savings on this upgraded version of the old favorite, with ingredients including the inflammation reducer quercetin.

  • Quercetin should be taken as early as six to eight weeks before the start of allergy season for best results.

  • You can get quercetin in your diet by eating red apples and red onions since quercetin is the phytochemical that contributes to the red coloration.

  • If you take the drugs cyclosporine or nifedipine, you should not take quercetin.

  • One reason this tea may be so helpful is that it contains quercetin, as evidenced by the red color of the tea.

  • Quercetin has been shown to block the production of histamines that can cause itchy eyes and runny nose.

  • More research is needed to establish the effectiveness of quercetin, but many people still swear by it for treating their hay fever symptoms.

  • A pleasant way to get quercetin is to have a cup of rooibos tea.

  • The rich red color of this tea comes from the quercetin present in the leaves of the rooibos plant.

  • Chia seeds also have a very high concentration of antioxidants, containing 1047 units of myrecetin, quercetin, kaemferol, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, and they are especially rich in vitamin C.

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