Putting-off sentence examples

  • The one you've been putting off since we got married — the horse ranch — the stable and buggy rides.

  • After July the tactics of the Boer executive were simply directed towards putting off a crisis till the beginning of October, when the grass would be growing on the veld, and meanwhile towards doing all they could in their despatches to put the blame on Great Britain.

  • The English officers, who in vain tried to rally them, themselves only just escaped by scrambling into their boats and putting off to the war-vessels, whose guns checked the pursuit and enabled a remnant of the fugitives to escape.

  • Since the person charged to take the auspices for a certain day was constitutionally subject to no other authority who could test the truth or falsehood of his statement that he had observed lightning, this became a favourite device for putting off meetings of the public assembly.

  • The one you've been putting off since we got married — the horse ranch — the stable and buggy rides.

  • Is there ever a nice way of putting off potential suitors?

  • After putting off the German powers by seven years of astute diplomacy, he realized the impossibility of carrying out the idea of a common constitution and, on the 30th of March 1862, a royal proclamation was issued detaching Holstein as far as possible from the common monarchy.

  • Filmmakers such as James Cameron and George Lucas used to talk about putting off film projects to wait for the computer technology to catch up to their visions.

  • If your baby isn't feeling well, plan on putting off your trip until she feels better.

  • Already expectant parents may not have the option of putting off pregnancy until finances improve.

  • This gift is especially memorable if you've been putting off taking her to one of these cultural activities.

  • There's no benefit to putting off creating this type of document until the last minute.

  • It's easy to fall into the habit of putting off cleaning until "next time".

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