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pronto Sentence Examples

  • You better get your bony ass here pronto, and bring your vamp.

  • You better get your bony ass here pronto, and bring your vamp.

  • depraved enough to enjoy Bach, better change your musical tastes pronto.

  • The Pronto DD ' s have a tine cultivation element where the DC 's have a discing front element.

  • Explore price-comparison shopping tools on Pronto.

  • Pronto Kids: Bringing together the hottest deals on kids' clothing, Pronto Kids shows shoppers a gallery of current items on sale at mainstream shops, such as Kohl's, JC Penney and Sears.

  • Try Men's Wearhouse's black Pronto Uomo non-iron spread collar shirt.

  • Finally, you could pick up a men's fashion magazine in the bookstore or the grocery store line to glean information about the pieces you absolutely must add to your wardrobe, pronto.

  • Pronto Uomo Light Tan Fitted Dress Shirt is made from 100% cotton and is done in a non-iron fabric.

  • Pronto Uomo White Stripe Fitted Dress Shirt is a twist to the classic white shirt found in almost every closet.

  • While this is an older and more conservative style than Gucci, there are the occasional shirts that fit into the hipper crowd, such as the Pronto line.

  • Aside from the brands mentioned above, they also have links to shirts from Pronto Uomo and Neiman Marcus' Hanro collection.

  • These stores were called Pronto Markets.

  • If you are using a lab that can do certain styles within an hour and you need your new prescription pronto, ask if they have a special for a second pair.

  • Mega Man assumes the role of hero once again, but with Pronto Man's assistance.

  • Pronto Style has several Tommy Bahama looks, and besides their terrific, "regular" swim trunks, you'll also be able to find several hibiscus pattered shorts as well.

  • And that means it's time to find yourself some sexy sandals--pronto!

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