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presuming Sentence Examples

  • Without presuming any of the Birth Stories you hear are the equivalent of "the one that got away" stories, often they are told as a badge of courage and may be exaggerated for effect.

  • Simply presuming that a science advancement has been achieved to enable the story is fine, and used all the time.

  • I ought to apologize to the reader and to Miss Keller for presuming to say what her subject matter is worth, but one more explanation is necessary.

  • No, Martha Boyd had no idea where her mother was nor did she know the woman's destination, presuming Patsy had one.

  • Hours staffers were surprised to see Johnny Depp on the set of their show, presuming that he may be there to promote his film Alice in Wonderland.

  • Presuming these are not problems you need to worry about if going as a couple, you should still put extra care into your costume.

  • was arrested at Rome for presuming to excommunicate the successor of Charlemagne, and was deported to Grenoble and later on to Savona.

  • and their Japanese followers could be admirably and minutely accurate when they pleased; but too many of the latter were content to construct their pictures out of fragmentary reminiscences of ancient Chinese masterpieces, not presuming to see a rock, a tree, an ox, or a human figure, except through Chinese spectacles.

  • This poem is valuable, as, presuming upon the sufficiency of his disguise, Tristan audaciously gives a resume of his feats and of his relations with Iseult, in this agreeing with the version of Thomas.

  • Edwards personally reprimanded Whitefield for presuming to say of any one that he was unconverted, and in his Thoughts Concerning the Present Revival of Religion devoted much space to "showing what things are to be corrected, or avoided, in promoting this work."

  • persons more contentious than philosophical, as presuming to disdain.

  • They flee the error of presuming on God only to fall into the trap of being gripped by an anxious dread of God.

  • An interesting if brief history of the real life Scorpion King, presuming such a man existed that is.

  • Here is a summary of how the UK goes about Presuming and establishing paternity.

  • presumel take training on Thursday and I'm presuming someone may come in at the weekend after Saturday's match.

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